Having A Professional Website Is Important for Turning Traffic Info Customers

You could rank #1 in Google for all of your keywords, you could be running awesome email and Facebook marketing campaigns, but if your website does not impress the visitors that your marketing efforts bring to your website, your conversion rate will be poor.  The marketing required to bring people to your website is 75% of the battle, but the real value comes in the last 25% of turning website visitors into paying customers.

We Build Websites With SEO In Mind

Many web design agencies only specialize in building fancy websites. Many times, these fancy websites contain complex elements that are not optimized for Google’s ranking algorithm. Sure the websites that they design look awesome, but what good is it if they don’t bring any customers because of structural elements that conflict with Google’s ranking algorithm. At the Scottsdale SEO Geeks, we design websites that convert traffic and are still optimized for Google’s algorithum. This gives you an advantage over your competitors who went with a web design agency that does not build websites with SEO in mind.


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