Producing Leads From Marketing is Only 40% of the Battle

Marketing cannot exist in the absence sales. Sales can, however, exist without marketing, it just makes the sales team’s job really f*cking hard. The way we look at it, marketing is the hype that gets people interested and asking questions about your businesses’ products or services. From this point on, the fate of the intrigued prospects created by marketing converting into paying customers is in the hands of your sales team and sales systems.  If you have the proper systems in place, you will grow your revenues like wildfire. If you have the wrong systems in place, your revenues will likely grow at the rate of inflation.

What Makes Us Different

The acquisition cost of new customers is one of the biggest expenses of being in business. This is why it is so important to close every lead that is closeable through having the proper company image (brand), using scripts and pitches that are formulated to trigger certain emotions and cognitive biases at exactly the right time, and by having the proper follow-through.

Not only this, but it is equally as important to leverage your network existing or previous customers by up-selling, cross-selling and snowballing referrals from them.

Other SEO agencies do not care about how many customers you gain or even how many leads you acquire. They are simply trying to sell you ad space on the billboard of Google’s search results.  These SEO firms tell you how much revenue they are going to help produce for your company. What they forget to tell you is, it is your responsibility to make sure you have good sales copy on your website and social media accounts to turn the increased amount traffic to your web properties into leads. It is your responsibility to close these leads into customers, to up-sell these customers, to cross-sell these customers and to generate massive referrals from these customers.

At the Scottsdale SEO Geeks, we start from the inside out and work our way back in. We start by figuring what the moral of your company is, what your unique selling propositions are, what your best sales angels are.  and adjust your brand to align with this. We then go out and make sure the sales copy on your website, social media and other marketing collaterals are congruent with this new found brand. We then go offline by providing some training to your sales staff and perfecting your main pitch. After this, we map out you cross-sells, up-sells and backend product sequence. There is no other search engine marketing firm like us.

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