Lead Generation

Lead generation is where you buy hot leads from us. In essence, we sell you phone calls. One of the benefits of lead gen is you only pay for what you use. The downside is that the cost per lead is more expensive than if you were to perform SEO on your website. We sell leads to many different markets. Some markets may have up to three month lead time

Facebook Advertising Managment

Advertising on Facebook is another great way to target new customers. You can run ads to your target market as well as to people who have recently visited your website.

Video Marketing

A picture is worth 100 words but a video is worth 10,000. People love videos and Google does too. Having an engaging video on your website will keep people on your site longer and long visit durations is a positive ranking factor to Google. Video is also awesome for conversion. Humans are visual creatures and having profesional videos dramatically helps you to communicate with customers.

Direct Mailings

In a world that has gone digital, it is refreshing to be able to reach your customers in the “physical realm.” We send out highly targeted series of direct mailings using tcniques that have been formulated over two decades. We can use your lead list or we can develop one for you. Inquire today to learn more.

Google Adwords Management (PPC)

Keyword Research

Account Setup

Monitor Performance

Create Ads

Installation Tracking & Testing

Campaign Assessment

Landing Page Development

Campaign Launch

Analysis and Feeback

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